Designer – Tara Higgins

woman_blond_hairTara Higgins

Brand: Tara Higgins

Bio: Philadelphia native, Tara Higgins grew up surrounded by a family of artists who helped shape the creative visionary she has become today. She knew her only calling was a career in which she could utilize her creativity to make beautiful and unique clothing. While attending Moore College of Art and Design as a fashion major, Tara learned to develop and refine her craft while also apprenticing under Brooklyn designer, Titania Inglis. In this short period of time, she accumulated multiple accolades for work as a design student. Upon graduating, she was bestowed with the prestigious international ESRAP Award for sustainable design at the 2015 ITAA Annual Conference.

Mission Statement: Tara Higgins draws her inspiration from both nature and modern art, creating a unique juxtaposition for the modern day woman. The pieces she designs are a compilation of her vision, her soul, and her shadow self. They maintain a theme of femininity while still encompassing the rawness that is life. Her goal is to create garments that are eclectic and edgy without compromising the wearability in a palette of neutral tones. Above all, she strives to design clothing that will make a woman feel beautiful and confident while wearing it.