Designer – Nigel Richards

Nigel_RichardsNigel Richards

Brand: 611 Style

Bio: Nigel launched his first clothing line during his freshman year at The University of Rochester. He and his two friends were venting about the school bookstore’s boring t-shirts and Nigel suggested they print our own. The three quickly turned into business partners and decided to make their own t-shirts and hoodies branded with the school’s logo.  It was there that Nigel’s love of fashion turned into income. From there on, Nigel and his partners grew the business and were able to pay for their college educations. His inspiration exists in music but Nigel has many muses, translating his life story and influences into the art of fashion. Nigel’s clothing line, 611 is now featured in retailers across the country and rapidly expanding each season.

Mission Statement: 611 is a men’s clothing and accessories brand inspired by Philadelphia’s iconic record store and label, 611 Records. Founder and designer DJ Nigel Richards is heavily influenced by international style through his worldly travels as a techno DJ. The brand’s essence is seen not only in its daring combination of prints and patterns but through its overall commitment to dressing the bold and fearless gentlemen.