Designer – Melissa D’Agostino

Four very diverse designers have been chosen for the inaugural team of Designers-in-Residence (DIR) at the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Center City. Visit their individual profile pages to learn more about them and their work.
 Kaitlyn Doherty Autumn Kietponglert Latifat Obajinmi and Moriamo Johnson

Melissa D’Agostino

Melissa D’Agostino

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D’AGOSTINO Fashion Textile Design

Designer Bio
Owner and Sole Designer of D’AGOSTINO Fashion Textile Design, Melissa D’Agostino possesses a BFA in Sculptural Fine Arts and a Minor in Textiles from Moore College of Art and Design, 2002. Her pursuits through college as well as post-graduate experience of Environmental Art and Alternative Architecture provides the background to develop a business with sustainable goals and practices. D’AGOSTINO Fashion Textile Design operates as a home-based business since 2009 where D’Agostino independently creates slow fashion collections; working directly with clients, creating one garment at a time. The D’Agostino collection begins with her artistic skill developing hand-made, hand-dyed print designs and techniques that create the fabric for a dynamic clothing and accessory line. D’Agostino’s vision has received recognition from Women’s Opportunity Resource Center, winning first prize in a Business Plan Competition as well as the Community Impact Award for her custom design work in May 2011. D’Agostino respects the hand-made movement, and has up to the recent acceptance of the Designer-in Residence position, built her business part-time while employed as a hand block fabric printer at Galbraith and Paul Textile and Lighting Studio. Dedicated to the creative studio practice she raises awareness for the slow growth fashion movement by being a member of local groups and national organizations. Her involvement in the Philadelphia fiber arts community focuses on collaborative initiatives such as “3 by Three,” a design collective initiated in January 2010. She is also an active member of the Philadelphia Guild for Handweavers since 2005. D’AGOSTINO Fashion Textile Design values her membership with the National Association of Sustainable Fashion Design as well as the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia.

Design Philosophy
Given my background in sculpture and textile design, the designs for the collection are based on the dialogue between two-dimensional surfaces and three-dimensional volumes. The surface designs are an exploration of texture, color, prints and solids achieved through the implementation of traditional techniques that result in an expansive visual language running throughout the signature hand-dyed textiles exclusive to the collection. The collection embodies a visual complexity through the use of line that evokes a range of visual resonances from elements in nature to abstract drawings. Engaging both surface and volume, the textiles are brought to life through the process of draping, locating silhouettes flattering to a woman’s figure, resulting in functional one-of-a kind clothing with a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility. The slow fashion aesthetic is accentuated further during the process of custom draping when I articulate pattern compositions to complement the specific proportions of a client.

Committed to an artistic vision, D’AGOSTINO Fashion Textile Design balances simplicity with expressions of a conscious aesthetic that represents a vision of local handmade fashion.