Designer – Autumn Kietponglert

Four very diverse designers have been chosen for the inaugural team of Designers-in-Residence (DIR) at the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Center City. Visit their individual profile pages to learn more about them and their work.
Melissa D’Agostino Kaitlyn Doherty Latifat Obajinmi and Moriamo Johnson

Autumn Kietponglert

Autumn Kietponglert

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Heartless Revival (RTW)

Designer Bio
Autumn Kietponglert is an award-winning Philadelphia-based independent fashion designer whose work has been shown at Philadelphia Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week (NYC), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (NYC) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She has also shown in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago and has had art exhibitions in Florence Italy and Philadelphia PA.

Editorials featuring her designs, styling and writing have been published internationally in France, Germany and the UK. She has Bachelors in Fibers from The University of the Arts and a Masters Degree from Drexel University in Fashion Design. In addition, she has studied in Florence Italy, New York and Paris.

Design Philosophy
I seek to capture and covey the intangible beauty of dreams….When I close my eyes, garments move, gently shift, embrace and encompass the body, Bend with a change of the air; a movement of emotion. They cling to the form with an uncanny force and wither as the darkness fades. They move gently and breathe softly with an ethereal tension that clings to the eyes like the end of a dream.

Autumnlin Atelier
Autumnlin Atelier creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition haute couture using hand-pleated silk, sculpted exotic leather and undulating zipper-tooth panels. Combining historically-inspired silhouettes with intense textile construction adds a sculptural aesthetic to each piece. The gowns are hand-pleated and draped making each individual much like a fingerprint. Dreams serve as the primary inspiration, creating a story that becomes the visual prose for all collections.

Heartless Revival (RTW)
The name Heartless Revival comes from an on-going dream and each word stands for an aspect of the line. Heartless represents inherent dark nature of the label: pale, beautiful, cold and quiet, with the shades of darkness and light. Revival personifies the past; the historic silhouette and the desire to connect with Victorian. Revival is the forgotten craft, she is couture, she is nouveau, the memory of what was once was lost.